Candid Competitions

Rawalpindi Pakistan



Rs. 5/-
1 A beautiful … may make one feel romantic (B, L, N) …OOK
2 One who is this may find dark glasses helpful (L, P) S…Y
3 Generally disliked (B, M, T) RU…
4 Associated with forest (C, H) S…RUB
5 In western poetry, a symbol of charm and freshness! (B, F, M, R) …AY
6 A climbing … can be thrilling sight (E, T) PLAN…
7 Serves a specific purpose (N, P, S) ….AIL
8 Can cause harm (L, T) S…ACK
9 Be careful! … may spoil the whole game (F, N, T) COO…
10 … has a specialized function (D, E, P, S) …YE
Closes at Rawalpindi & Karachi: Tuesday23 Oct 2012 (5 PM) At Lahore: Thursday 25 Oct 2012 (5PM)



The father of Dr. Mansoor Ahmed has expired in Karachi on 09 Sept. 2012. May Allah rest his soul in peace and give strength to the bereaved family to bear this loss. Fans are also requested to pray for the departed soul.