Candid Competitions

Rawalpindi Pakistan


 Rs. 5/-
1 Generally difficult to control     (D, M, T) WHI…
2 Fulfills a need      (S, T) PO…TER
3 Of interest to many       (A, I, O) BL…ND
4 An employee who does this a lot should be ready for the sack     (H, M) S…IRKS
5 Can cause complications      (B, E, P, W) SLO…
6 A sudden … creates an impact       (C, S) …LASH
7 Not easy to handle       (A, O, U) B…TCH
8 Generally hateful       (E, T) GUIL
9 May one make shudder        (F, H, M) …UDDLE
10 Should not be underestimated      (L, O, P, R) …ATH
Closes at Rawalpindi & Karachi: Tuesday 15 May  2012  (5 PM) At Lahore: Thursday 17 May 2012 (5PM)