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The CANDID Fortnightly. the sponsor of the English Candid Competitions, was first published in 1971. The main purpose was to provide guidance to the fans of the Get-A-Word competitions, Sponsored by the daily The Morning News being published simultaneously from Dacca (then East Pakistan) and Karachi.

The Morning News ceased publication in 1994 resulting in death of Get-A-Word Competition also. On the great demand of the fans The English Candid Competitions were started in the same year. With the Grace of ALLAH these competitions are flourishing since then mainly because of their quality, Interesting clues, Logical answers and Honest distribution of Prizes.

The entries in Pakistan are received and processed by our partners, D. Morrio and Co.,YMCA Building The Mall Lahore. Prizes are also paid by them on our behalf.

Some fans who had shifted to U.A.E and other places across the Globe usually still send their entries through their relatives in Pakistan but have been urging us to launch these competitions in U.A.E also. To meet this demand and to provide a healthy pastime to others living in U.A.E or other parts of the world arrangements have been made to launch CANDID Competitions across the world from U.A.E.



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